About Us

Welcome to Gesnap.com. It is an independent news magazine.

  • Here we provide Biography of Inspiration Person, Celebrity, Bussiness, Entrepreneur, Sportsman, Singer & equivalent.
  • We also publish about the latest songs information like Lyrics, Composer, Label & Video.
  • In the News section, we highlight some interesting information about Bollywood, Hollywood & Social Media. 

The uniqueness of us is we keep updating our website as and when new information is received and the viewers don’t have to wait or go through tons of sites on Google or wait for the celebrities to update the information themselves on their social handles. Gesnap is one source for information on all public figures. Gesnap.com was launched on August 4, 2019.

Q. So how do we gathered unique data for our magazine?

  • High rated internet publishers.
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Live Interviews
  • Telephonic interviews with the personality conducted by our media team
  • Getting information directly via email, letter, or books

Q. How to contact for help/support or Publish your bio?

Okay, it’s very simple to contact us you can simply mail us – [email protected]