Karthik Aryan Covid 19 Survivor Campaign, Koki Poochega Episode With Sumiti Singh

Karthik Aryan Photo |
Karthik Aryan Photo

Karthik Aryan Show Koki Poochega: Karthik Aryan is coming up with a new show on his YouTube channel ‘Karthik Aryan- Baby Steps’ called ‘Koki Poochega’. Which is to spread awareness about Kovid-19. Karthik Aryan is called by this name on social media. Karthik will interview people like Corona Warriors such as doctors, policemen, social workers, COVID-19 patients. Karthik Aryan said that people need self-quarantine to fight an epidemic like Kovid 19. Do not be afraid of it and face it.

People have a lot of misinformation about the virus, so people have to spread awareness about COVID-19. People do not have the right information about coronavirus and they have to explain how we can get rid of this virus. We should reach every household, through these interviews about safety and take the right precautions at this time. This is the only effort. The first guest of this series is Sumiti Singh, who was one of the corona patients in India and has managed to escape from the corona.

Karthik Aryan Photo with sumiti singh |
Karthik Aryan Photo with samiti singh |

Awareness Campaign of Karthik Aryan

Karthik Aryan Photo |
Karthik Aryan Photo |
  • Karthik praised his awareness campaign, which brought #CoronaStopKaroNa monologue and rap to spread awareness during this global epidemic.
  • Karthik donated Rs 1 crore to the PM Care Relief Fund.
  • Karthik’s series premiered on April 11 on his YouTube channel.

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